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as Connected as Our Lives

More holistic care starts and ends with more seamless human-centric experiences.

At Kin + Carta, our digital health team blends deep market insights with technical expertise to deliver transformative, data-driven customer experiences — fast.

Making A Global Impact

We're trusted by global health and pharma businesses to meet rapidly changing patient, customer and client needs.

We Believe

At Kin + Carta we believe deeply that the customer must be at the heart of any initiative. To do so, we uncover genuine areas of unmet need for patients and HCPs.

Driving Growth Through Digital Transformation

Transform organisations to be more connected

We transform the way your organisation delivers connected experiences to customers by aligning around a critical strategy, tapping into underutilised data, building modern cloud-native foundations, and leveraging the latest in modern software delivery.

Create new connected experiences

We partner with you to design and build category-defining digital experiences using the latest in emerging technologies and deep customer insights.

Reimagine underperforming digital experiences

We help you upgrade existing digital strategy with cutting edge engineering to reimagine and promote new customer experiences that improve lives and set the industry standard.

Your Ideal Team.
Every Time.

We've rejected silos and divisions. Instead, we've built a lean, organic Connective of 1,500 strategists, tech natives and creatives across four continents. We bring together the exact talent you need to tackle your challenge. We blend our team with yours and together, we build a seamless, impactful customer experience — fast.

Introducing Kin + Carta Luminaries

Over the last few years, disruption in the healthcare space has dominated headlines. In order to stay ahead of a fast changing environment, Kin + Carta believes in honouring the vision and expertise of the influencers, titans and mavericks — who we see as luminaries.

Jean Nehme, CEO of Touch Surgery

"Digital technology is actually making healthcare more human"

Nehme on how consumerization has affected patients’ expectations.

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Giles Alexander, CTO at XenZone

"Optimizing the potential of digital technology"

Alexander gives his perspective on the changes in healthcare delivery models.

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Steve Black, COO at Healthfirst

"Knowing what we stand for inspires action, drives culture and delivers results"

Black offers up his insights into the importance of delivering more personalized care.

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Insights and Thinking from The Connective


Data-driven marketing in pharma: The future is here

Data-driven marketing in pharma, Dr. Pamela Walker and Joshua Hull explain why personalisation is the key to unlocking opportunity via pharma digital marketing.

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Transforming healthcare into a patient-centered world

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Frustrated? Three ways to feel better about what your data can do for you

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"As healthcare leaders, we are relentlessly focused on improving the quality of life of the patients we serve. Our partnership has enhanced that focus by designing an experience that engages both patients and providers."

- Harry Hovelman, MD Head of Medical Affairs at Helius Medical Technologies

"Kin + Carta helped us reimagine our patient journey and deliver a human-centric digital experience that empowers our patients to better access their personal information, make decisions and take action on their health faster than ever before. "

- Global Medical Director, Fortune 500 Pharma

Forrester Names Kin + Carta A Leader

"Kin + Carta leads with a blend of strategists and builders for new products. Kin + Carta scores well in strategy factors, including client co-innovation and employee experience. Clients like Kin + Carta's ability to build applications and to blend strategy and execution in a scrappy "roll up your sleeves" culture."

The Forrester Wave

Midsized Digital Experience Agencies, Q4 2018

Our Experts

We uphold a deep understanding of both global and local health sector dynamics, while also providing extensive technical expertise to deliver a truly integrated, transformative impact for you.

Jas Hummel

Founding Director, Kin + Carta Hive

Dr. Pamela Walker

Director, Head of Health, Kin + Carta Advisory

Collette Balaam

CEO, Kin + Carta Hive US

Joshua Hull

Principal Planner, Kin + Carta Edit

Karl Hampson

Director of AI, Kin + Carta Solstice

Elizabeth Eckardt

Director, Kin + Carta Incite

Brett Thornton

Head of Capability Strategy, Kin + Carta TAB

Tom Murdoch

Head of Strategy, Kin + Carta AmazeRealise

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