About Us

Connected talents for connected worlds

Technology drives us forward every day. It’s do or die. To thrive, your business has to be as interconnected as the world around it. 

To achieve that, you need specialist talents, empowered to collaborate and build entire seamless journeys. So that’s what we’ve done.

Lauren Grimwood & Alex Troup, Kin + Carta TAB

We’re not an ‘agency’ or a ‘group’. We’re a Connective — a dynamic, global ecosystem of over 1,500 technologists, strategists, and creatives, across four continents.

The result? Rich insights, fresh thinking, and transformative solutions — fast.

Our values

What unites our global team of specialists into The Connective? Shared values that fundamentally shape our culture, our approach and ourselves.

Deeply Connected

We don’t measure success by the number of offices we have. We measure it by how deeply interconnected we all are. Because only when our thinking is truly interconnected can we pull together for the greater good: the good of our business, our clients, and humanity itself.

Always Courageous

Nothing happens when we sit still. And the safest choice is often the riskiest option. That’s why we question everything. Always seeking better ways to improve and grow. Because it’s our job to plot a new path forward.

Instinctively Compassionate

We explore because we love exploring — not just so we can name new islands. We leave our egos on the shore and do what’s right, not what’s easy. We’re empathetic in all we do. We know when to talk and when to listen.

Our leadership team

J Schwan

CEO, Kin + Carta

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Chris Kutsor

CFO, Kin + Carta

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Charlie Wrench

Chief Connective Officer, Kin + Carta

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Richard Neish

Chief of Staff, AmazeRealise

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Damian Coverdale

CEO, Kin + Carta Edit

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Kelly Manthey

CEO, Kin + Carta Solstice

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David Tuck

Managing Director, Kin + Carta TAB

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Stephen Wilson

Managing Director, Kin + Carta TAB

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Jas Hummel

CEO, Kin + Carta Hive

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Matthew Froggatt

Group MD, Kin + Carta Incite

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Tom Holt

CEO, Kin + Carta Advisory

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