Our world is now more open and interconnected than ever. It is inescapable, and there’s no going back.

If you take one thing away from this year’s trends report, we would recommend it be this truth. Not only are both of these ideals key trends in and of themselves but they also serve as the underpinning for many of the other trends that will define 2019 and beyond.

Small pockets of emboldened consumers unafraid to speak their minds are profoundly impacting the world. Companies like Microsoft — historically defined by its privacy and monopolistic ways — are turning over a new leaf. Individuals are uniting with deeply like-minded cohorts to share their passions and life’s trials and tribulations alike. And firms are creatively redesigning their organisations to avoid becoming their own worst enemies.

Most importantly, the actions of a few result in massive implications for many.

We have been on a years-long journey to identify and connect the most impactful and often disparate signals to form these nine trends, organising them into three categories: buyer engagement, digital innovation, and enterprise transformation.

We identify the Unpredictable Persona and the Emergence of Long Tail Tribes. We detail how companies are making better, faster decisions and examine how the Inches of Innovation is quickly adding up. We highlight ways Firms Go in Search of Growth and shed light on the aspirations and challenges to organisation design.

This report was created in collaboration across our specialisms within The Connective. The individual vantage points of Kin + Carta’s digital agencies and strategy consultancies were layered on top of our core digital innovation lens, producing a unique perspective on what has happened in today's digital environment and what lies ahead.

We sincerely hope these insights inspire you to find courage, take action, and drive your firms, communities, and yourselves forward.